Human Hair Wigs & Hair Pieces

Full Head Wig

A full head wig covers all of the head, whereas a partial hair piece will just cover the area of the scalp affected by hair loss. Total hair replacement with a full wig is an effective measure for a person with temporary total hair loss caused by chemotherapy or other medical condition. A full head wig is also a permanent solution for someone with trichotillomania, a genetic condition in which they are unable to grow hair, or an auto-immune disease such as alopecia totallis and universalis.

William Collier Design offers ready-made human hair wigs with a faster turnaround than a custom order. These hand crafted wigs, specifically designed using only the highest quality human hair and materials available can meet the needs of a large audience of clients. Wig caps created using unique combinations of polyurethane and monofilament mesh offer flexibility to all clients. Our ready-made human hair wigs offer unlimited versatility in choice of hair color, style and length.

Partial Hair Options – Hair Systems, Topettes

Our partial hair options may be the choice for anyone experiencing moderate to severe hair loss on the top of the head,  such as hair loss due to male and female pattern hair loss, trichotillomania, burns and abrasions and in some cases alopecia areata. Partial hair pieces / hair additions are designed to cover the area of the scalp affected — to give the appearance of a fuller head of hair. They come in custom or ready-made options. (See below)

Hair Replacement Designed For You

William Collier Design is able to custom design a partial or full head hair replacement for any individual. A custom hair piece or wig provides an exact fit and a natural look for each individual’s needs. A mold or template is made of the area to be covered by the replacement hair, to ensure a proper fit. All aspects of the design will be considered when creating a custom hair replacement. With years of experience and training, your hair replacement consultant will work with you to make educated decisions on the base material, density, hair color, texture and length.

Nature’s Most Beautiful Hair™ – Follea® of Beverly Hills

For those who desire the best, the ultimate in natural hair solutions we highly recommend Follea® of Beverly Hills. For clients with complete hair loss, Follea® Gripper provides an alternative to vacuum-fit wigs.

Caring for your Human Hair Topper or Wig

Human Hair Full Head Wig
Male Hair Piece
Human Hair Topper Hair Piece
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