Human Hair Wig Care

Storing, Shampooing and Conditioning Human Hair Wigs and Hair Pieces

Hair Storage

The best way to store your hair is to place it on a Styrofoam head or other wig form. It would be most appropriate to cover the hair replacement with plastic, if for some reason you are not using it for a prolonged period.


For the most desirable results; fill the basin with cool water, add two tablespoons of shampoo (more if needed), and mix shampoo and water until suds appear. Place the hair piece into the basin and allow it to soak for a few minutes. There is no need to use any scrubbing or rubbing manipulations similar to those usually associated with shampooing. After the hair has been in the sudsy water for approximately three to five minutes, drain the basin and rinse the hair with cool water until all shampoo is completely gone and gently squeeze excess water from the hair.


Wigs and hair pieces will need to be conditioned after each shampoo.

Completely saturate the hair with the conditioner, but not necessarily at the base. Too much conditioner at the base may loosen the hand-tied knots in the system. While the hair is wet and saturated with conditioner, using the appropriate brush, start at the ends of the hair working your way up, and gently brush the hair in a downward motion to remove any tangle.

After the conditioner has been on the hair for at least three to five minutes and the tangles have been completely removed rinse the hair with cool water. Do not use any force to remove tangles.

After you have rinsed the hair, towel dry the hair to remove all excess moisture. Now you are ready to style the hair.


Place your wig or hair addition on a sturdy wig form. Canvas Wig Heads with a counter clamp work best, and last much longer than Styrofoam head forms. Secure with quality “quilting pins”. T-Pins which are often sold at wig stores are too large and will damage the bases of most human hair wigs and hair systems. T-Pins should only be used with synthetic wigs where the bases are much more durable. Using the recommended products for styling the hair will help you achieve the desired results. When styling the hair use gentle motions; when using a hand held hair dryer use medium heat and hold the dryer four to six inches from the hair, blowing hair in a downward direction. After you have achieved the desired style, spray the hair with hair spray. For best results use any hair spray sparingly.

General Maintenance

  • Always store your hair addition on a head form; smaller than the base to avoid stretching.
  • Most wearers can go from 10 to 14 days between shampoos.
  • Clean your tape and skin areas with alcohol wipes nightly. Use tape that is specific to your needs. Ask your hair replacement professional what will work best for you.
  • Never store your hair addition near a heat source above 120 degrees. (Or on a lamp.)
  • Sunlight fades all hair.
  • Never perm, color or cut your own hair addition.
  • When using a curling iron: Less is best.  Excess heat will wear the hair out quicker.  Make sure your curling iron is not too hot.
  • Wearing your hair addition while you are sleeping, on a regular basis, is hard on the hair and fiber and may reduce the life of the hair addition.
  • Your hair addition will naturally lose hair over time.  You can have hair added to the system, which will enhance the appearance.

Tips and Recommendations

It is suggested that you always use the products recommended by your hair specialist.  If you are not satisfied with the results of these products, call for proper instruction. It is important that you maintain your hair system consistent with these instructions in order to insure the condition of the hair.

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