Synthetic Wig Care

Shampooing & Conditioning Your Synthetic Hair Wig

The original style of your synthetic wig can be preserved if you wash and care for it correctly. It is imperative that your synthetic wig be cared for with the proper synthetic wig products. Human hair (which is protein) has cuticle while synthetic fibers have surface. To clean and condition a synthetic fiber requires a two-step process.


Gently remove tangles by combing your hairpiece or brushing your wig with our special wig brush.  For curly wigs, use your fingers or a pick. In a sink or basin, mix the desired amount of wig shampoo with cold water and immerse your wig. Gently swirl and let soak for approximately 5 minutes. Rinse your wig by gently swirling it in cold water until all traces of shampoo is removed.


Once the wig is thoroughly rinsed, dilute the special wig conditioner according to directions on the back of the bottle. Place your wig in the sink or basin and pour the conditioner over the wig. Gently pat until foamy. Squeeze out excess but DO NOT RINSE!


Towel blot your wig. DO NOT PUT YOUR WIG ON A STYRO WIG HEAD TO DRY!  The wig will have a tendency to stretch when wet. It is suggested that you use a wire or plastic wig stand for drying. Lay your wig on a towel or wig stand hair side up and let dry. Turn the wig over when the fiber is dry to complete drying inside the wig. It is suggested that you leave it overnight to dry. Drying time will depend on the length and thickness of your wig. After your wig has dried, shake it out gently and proceed to brush your wig with a wig brush. Put it on, touch it up a little, and go.

Be sure to keep your wig away from heat and steam (such as: opening an oven and dishwasher doors, spas, heated curling irons and rollers, etc.) as this may cause the fibers to become damaged permanently.

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