Insurance Coverage for Cranial Prothesis

We have found that only some insurance companies offer coverage for hair replacement prosthesis (wigs and hair pieces). However, below is some information that may help you obtain coverage from your insurance company. As William Collier Design is a hair salon, we do not bill your insurance or contact them on client’s behalf.

  • Obtain a prescription for a Full Cranial Prosthesis.
  • Gather as much information as possible to validate or support your claim. First obtain the name of the person within your insurance company who would be directly responsible for processing, and/or approving your claim.
  • Write a letter directly to the appropriate person explaining the details of your medically related hair loss. Also explain that a full cranial prosthesis was designed exclusively for you and was the only option available for leading a normal life.
  • Send a letter from each doctor who has treated you in connection with your hair loss. It is important that the doctor(s) describe the severity of the condition and explain that without the full cranial prosthesis, leading a normal life and being able to work would be difficult.
  • Send any pamphlets or articles on your type of hair loss with your letter. This could be important, if during the process they have any questions.
  • Send all of the above (Copy of the RX, information on your hair loss condition, a personal letter from you, letter from your doctor) along with your insurance claim form.
  • The most important thing to remember when submitting your claim is to be very thorough in your documentation. When the company reviews your claim, you want them to have the information needed to approve the claim in an expeditious manner.

We hope this information will be helpful to you.

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