Follea Gripper

Follea’s Gripper product line, was developed especially for women with little or no hair. The Gripper line was created for women with Alopecia, by women with Alopecia.

Follea Grippers are made from natural European hair and require no tape or glue yet provide a secure confident fit. The Gripper line is available in 4 layered lengths, 4 cap sizes and offers a choice of 13 beautiful colors, that can also be professionally highlighted if you choose. With Follea you can recreate your “best hair day” every day. Follea hair can be shampooed and conditioned, styled and restyled, just like hair that grows from the scalp.

The Gripper Cool

The Gripper Cool is made with a lace top and small lace front. The lace front replicates a natural front hairline so while you can choose to wear a bang, you don’t have to! This is great for off the face styles and updos. The silicone panels in the nape, temples and across the head keep the Gripper super secure.

The Gripper Sport

The Follea Gripper Sport is just like the Cool, except with extra silicone for even more security! With added silicone stripped from the crown to the nape, the Sport is designed with active lifestyles and children in mind.

The silicon that Follea uses to create the “Gripper Performance” is the highest medical grade silicon available. All you need to do to maintain that performance is to wipe the silicon areas with a damp mildly soapy wash cloth once daily. Do no use chemicals or alcohol for cleaning purposes.

Caring for your Human Hair Topper or Wig

Follea Gripper Cool

Follea Gripper Sport

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