Transgender Friendly Salon

We are a Transgender friendly salon and are active in the local TG community. We seek to provide a secure, supportive environment for all of our clients and to assist them in creating the most natural, desired look possible.

We offer a 1-hour complimentary consultation to discuss all of the various hair options available and to discuss your specific needs and expectations. Please call or email today to find out more.

A Message From William Collier:

For those of you who have questions about the Transgender community I recommend the following book; “Understanding Transgender Diversity” by Claire Ruth Winter.

This is a great book for friends, family or co-workers of loved ones who are TG and want to gain a better understanding. The author, Claire Ruth Winter writes; “Although there is a great deal of transgender literature available, made ever more accessible via the internet, I realized early in my own gender transition that there wasn’t a book available – that I could give to friends, family and co-workers – that specifically responded to the appropriate questions with a concise and understandable introductory presentation of the fundamentals.”

Understanding Transgender Diversity

– by Claire Ruth Winter

Some of the Reviews of the book are as follows:

“Claire Winter has written a readable and engaging book that will be a great support to anyone trying to understand the transgender experience. It will be especially helpful for family members, and students beginning to explore Gender and Sexuality studies.”
– Arlene Istar Lev, LCSW, family therapist and author of “Transgender Emergence”

“Claire Winter takes a complex and misunderstood topic and makes it accessible and cogent in ways both useful and readable to multiple audiences. For students of gender studies and people with a personal interest in transgender concerns, this book provides a timely and excellent place to start.”
– Suzanne Morrissey, PhD, Assistant Professor of Anthropology and Gender Studies, Whitman College.

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