Services Overview

William Collier Design provides services for all types of hair loss. With the wide range of solutions that we provide, we are able to find an appropriate choice for each client, within a budget that works for them.

Thinning Hair Loss

Many people experience hair loss that becomes harder to style as the hair thins. We specialize in helping our clients manage their thinning hair with a cut that will enhance the hair they have. Hair loss occurring from female pattern hair loss and male pattern hair loss has many hair replacement options available.

Medical Conditions

We offer hair loss options for medically induced hair loss; chemotherapy, radiation to the scalp, or any other medical treatment; and for those who have any form of Alopecia (Areata, Totalis or Universalis). Our goal is to provide solutions for each individual that helps them achieve the look they desire.


We have options to help those experiencing hair loss due to trichotillimania, whether your loss of hair is temporary or ongoing.


Our goal is to provide guidance as support in a process regarding all hair loss or styling concerns. We offer our expert advice in a private, confidential, friendly environment. While some hair loss is due to medical reasons or age, others want to change the way they look and feel. If you’re searching for transgender hair replacement, we have experience helping with changing the way that you look and feel.

Please view our Thinning Hair Services or our Hair Loss Services for a list of services we provide.

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