Transgender Friendly Salon in Seattle, WA

Transgender Friendly Salon

We are a Transgender friendly salon and are active in the local TG community. We seek to provide a secure, supportive environment for all of our clients and to assist them in creating the most natural, desired look possible.

We offer a 1-hour complimentary consultation to discuss all of the various hair options available and to discuss your specific needs and expectations.

Thinning Hair Styling

Making an informed, educated choice.

Customer Review

Come in for a visit with one of our hair loss consultants. We will discuss all the various options available to suit your needs. 


You will have the opportunity to see and try on various wig types and hair replacement samples. Examining the interior to determine comfort; comfort and fit are very important.


Synthetic hair may be an appropriate choice for anyone needing coverage for the period of approximately one year or less or in the early stages of your transition. A human hair wig may be a consideration if your desire is to have the most natural look possible. Both human hair and synthetic wigs will be available to compare. A hand tied front and top may be more desirable. Request to see both machine made and hand tied.


As with all personal experiences comfort is important. A private, secure environment along with trained hair loss consultants will greatly enhance your visit. Professional advice, both technical and aesthetic will provide the most attractive and comfortable results.

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Emma S.
Seattle, WA
If you would like more information about how we can help, please call us to schedule a complimentary consultation

Yelp Review


"Everyone I met was incredibly warm and caring. I can tell that this place is filled with people who genuinely are attempting to help people achieve the hair of their dreams."

Emma S. Seattle, WA


"Judi Wygant was incredibly helpful in helping me choose a wig. I arrived 10 minutes late to my appointment due to some unpredictable traffic, but they were incredibly accommodating. I came in with essentially no knowledge about wigs and came out well informed. At no point did Judi attempt to "hard sell" me on any wigs. Instead she carefully explained the pros and cons of each choice. I feel confident in my purchase of a new wig.

In addition to that they helped fix up my current wig for free while I wait for the wig I ordered. They did this immediately before I even committed to purchase!

Everyone I met was incredibly warm and caring. I can tell that this is place filled with people who genuinely are attempting to help people achieve the hair of their dreams."

Understanding Transgender Diversity

Understanding Transgender Diversity

– by Claire Ruth Winter

A Message From William Collier:

For those of you who have questions about the Transgender community I recommend the following book; “Understanding Transgender Diversity” by Claire Ruth Winter.

This is a great book for friends, family or co-workers of loved ones who are TG and want to gain a better understanding. The author, Claire Ruth Winter writes; “Although there is a great deal of transgender literature available, made ever more accessible via the internet, I realized early in my own gender transition that there wasn’t a book available – that I could give to friends, family and co-workers – that specifically responded to the appropriate questions with a concise and understandable introductory presentation of the fundamentals.”

Some of the Reviews of the book are as follows:

“Claire Winter has written a readable and engaging book that will be a great support to anyone trying to understand the transgender experience. It will be especially helpful for family members, and students beginning to explore Gender and Sexuality studies.”
– Arlene Istar Lev, LCSW, family therapist and author of “Transgender Emergence”


“Claire Winter takes a complex and misunderstood topic and makes it accessible and cogent in ways both useful and readable to multiple audiences. For students of gender studies and people with a personal interest in transgender concerns, this book provides a timely and excellent place to start.”
– Suzanne Morrissey, PhD, Assistant Professor of Anthropology and Gender Studies, Whitman College.