William Collier: Synopsis of a Memoir, Pt. 47 - "Thank you's"

August 04, 2016

After many years of attending training and product conferences it has been a pleasure to observe a most important transition in the hair replacement industry ... Welcome Follea. The  introduction of luxury, quality hair that Follea provides, had been a huge missing in the hair replacement industry until approximately 2008. With their generous inventory, and most currently, outstanding customer service, we extend our "thanks" for special care in the hair selction process, the attention to construction detail, and material choices. The workmanship and creativity applied at the factory is superb.  For William Collier Design, Follea has taken the industry to an exciting, creative new level that is reflected in our customer satisfaction.
As we move forward continuing our commitment to customer service and quality control we will vigorously search for any and all improvements that become available. The original intention of this blog was to share some of the highlights of my career in the hair industry. I am declaring my arrival in the present, the continuation of the blog will now occur monthly. Our hope In the future is to compile the weekly memoir posts into a book - adding in more personal stories, and photos. We'll keep you apprised when this happens.
For those that followed the blog weekly we are pleased that you enjoyed the journey -- some just dropped in occasionally, and we thank you as well. Look for my next blog the first week in  September of 2016.

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