William Collier: Synopsis of a Memoir, Pt. 45 - Advanced Hair Replacement Training

July 15, 2016

A commitment to personal growth inspired, to a large extent, by my continued involvement with clients struggling with hair loss issues, intensifying my interest in cosmetic and surgical solutions. Participating in specific training programs engaging in the inquiry of, "What it means to be a human being", introduced a distinct resource of information. The unique experience of being in one place for an extended period of time, offering a space for a particular conversation to occur in a private, safe environment has created unimaginable results.

My intention for sharing the information that has highlighted my career has been directed primarily to aspects of the last fifty years of my professional life. At this juncture I must refer to a hiatus that occurred in my professional life influenced by all the joy that represented the gravitation to balancing my personal life. The details to be shared at a later date.
Up to this point I struggled with inferior products that only continued to fuel my desire for more information. I discovered the existence of a national organization offering yearly symposiums. I promptly became a member. My first symposium was in San Antonio, Texas. This organization had been in existence for approximately ten years. Upon my arrival it was clear that I was once again the "new kid on the block". There seemed to be a tight group of members, mostly associated with men's hair loss. Since I was a hairstylist primarily working with women, I naturally gravitated to all aspects being offered for a woman. I was often one of a few men seeking training in that category. Men's hair replacement seemed more relevant with many of the attendees coming from a barbering background.
Fast forward ten or so years, and the realization that just as many women experience hair loss (female pattern) as men was finally becoming obvious. With the improvements that have been made, primarily in hair quality as well as refined materials, women's products have improved dramatically. With the continued commitment to product improvement and quality control the industry is thriving


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