William Collier: Synopsis of a Memoir, Pt. 43 - Surgical & Non-Surgical Hair Replacement

June 30, 2016

While continuing to enjoy and appreciate all aspects of the hair design industry, other possibilities began to appear. Hair replacement opened a space into a realm of new and very rewarding challenges. For anyone facing a hair loss condition, the effects are life changing and most often not life threatening (excluding medically related hair loss). The hair loss challenge has been recognized by the pharmaceutical industry in the last twenty years as a source of personal concern for men and women. Many products have entered the market as a treatment for hair loss. I would encourage vigorous research prior to using any product declaring regrowth. This attention cultivated a market exposing the extent of concern, validating the hair loss condition as treatable. With these treatments, "authentic medical approval" opened a door verifying hair loss as a seriously disturbing experience dispelling cultural resistance without gender bias.


The introduction of legitimate products having met the approval standards of the "FDA" brought hope to millions of people. Most of these products suggested long term application with results inhibiting hair loss with the possibility of regrowth. For results to occur, lifelong treatment was recommended indicating that interrupting the suggested application process would invalidate the intended results. These products thrived in the beginning, creating a huge surge in pharmaceutical stocks. As the excitement of the product launch began to subside, coupled with, predictable human impatience these products began to lose their attraction. There is evidence that for those people that followed the instructions accurately results were somewhat favorable.

Hasson & Wong building

However, many people were left disappointed with an even greater desire to find a solution. With many cosmetic surgical procedures available for a variety of concerns, hair loss was no exception. Surgical hair loss technique had been revolutionized with the introduction of the "Micro Graft" application. This procedure took surgical hair replacement to a completely new level with outstanding results. I had the pleasure of observing Dr. Victor Hasson, one of the most outstanding and accomplished surgeons in the world perform a procedure at the "Hasson and Wong" Transplant Clinic in Vancouver, British Columbia. The results of this procedure,  in the hands of a skillful, artistic professional, strategically applied are truly amazing. There are some variables involved in qualifying for this procedure -- making the decision to choose a surgeon with the distinction of performance based accolade is most important.

hair piece follicles

As with the important changes in surgical solutions, dramatic changes were and are occurring with cosmetic non-surgical solutions. The refinement both in material and hair quality have significantly raised the piece injected skin hair system - no knotsWith the introduction of skin like material, creating a matrix accommodating natural hair follicles, revealing an undetectable finished appearance. As with surgery, the success of this procedure will be determined by the skill of an experienced, well trained professional. The most important consideration for choosing cosmetic hair replacement is experience and customer service. The highly personal sensitivity of this process requires a private, comfortable environment intending to educate, insuring an informed decision.

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