William Collier: Synopsis of a Memoir, Pt. 44 - A Life Altering Experience

July 07, 2016

Moving forward with hair replacement, creating as much momentum as I could generate with my limited exposure, I noticed a very distinct difference in the way each hair replacement client responded. My determination to maintain my commitment to my clients without hair loss challenges, and continue to further my knowledge and skill with hair loss clients kept me very busy. There was something magical about the transformation that occurred with a satisfied hair loss client. The depth of appreciation and sincerity was so rewarding, often referred to as life-changing. 

Aspects of my personal life began to change as I expanded my instinctive quest for growth, searching for information that might offer a balance to the changes occurring in my professional life. I began a personal growth inquiry offered by trained professionals. My involvement with hair loss issues and the dialogue accompanying the sociological burden of the condition created an introspective inquiry into what it means to be a human being. My natural inclination was being summoned -- I distinctly remember the sense of awakening to a channel of informational awareness that was missing. The fertility of this information caused a life altering experience. The natural gravitation to this infinite pool of questions eliminated the need for answers.

During this time through the channels presented, my navigational skills being challenged as my previous orientation relented its confused resistance allowing a fusion to occur. The introductory mingling of this acquaintance was my epiphany. The impact of this experience allowed uncharted access. Its presence occurring as a clearance to an ethereal vibratory function. Open mind and heart, nourishment for the soul.
"is" by Don Scott

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