William Collier: Synopsis of a Memoir, Pt. 42 - The Schoenbachler Experience

June 16, 2016

It did not take much perception to realize that Robert was a veteran aviator, "flying by the seat of his pants". The depth of complication to describe this experience is overwhelming. The complications are not meant to be an excuse to exclude the fact that there was plenty of "handwriting on the wall". I willfully entered the "Schoenbachler world", which remains a mystery to this day. My belief in the universes ability to continue to acquaint us with our insignificance is my only connection to understanding that some things reside in a completely different realm. A path of righteousness has a somewhat predictable outcome, with cultural influence an assurance of a desirable destination. Courage, creativity, and welcoming "the great unknown" are signs that guide the unexplainable.

My lease was soon to require additional negotiation, and the isolation of the location continued to be a concern. Robert's return to business exposed the extent of decline that occurred during his period of recovery. His relatively short, health related leave, became a testament to the lack of structure that caused this decline. Robert approached me with an offer to take over the space that accommodated the normal activities offered in a salon environment. The salon was quite large and familiar to me, as I had occupied the entire space several years prior to my Fifth Avenue location. The agreement being offered under circumstances of duress was a concern. The elements of the decision were distinguished by an unknown influence which only became visible retrospectively. Robert's personal expertise was directed to providing mostly men with hair loss issues, with additional hair. A very remote service unexplored by most hair design professionals. 

After the details of the agreement were in order, and signatures properly assigned; I began the process of assembling a team of talented, competent, committed hair professionals. I was essentially sub-leasing space from Robert. The preparation required was substantial. Within a month I had closed our 5th Avenue location, and opened in the new location with new faces and a training program in place. Robert occupied a space approximately 450 sq. ft. He was content to have a private space without the responsibility of employees. It looked like a win win. Although Robert's work area was substantially separated from the rest of the salon, I spent time interacting with him in a way that brought me closer to what was involved in his hair replacement business. My observations allowed me to see the importance of clear communication, and the importance of managing information essential to the proposed order of each client, thus giving the optimum potential for customer satisfaction. This was the beginning of my interest in the world of men and women with hair loss issuesAs my involvement grew, I became more attracted to the importance of this unique service, realizing the life changing impact it provided when administered and managed with honesty, dignity and integrity.

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