William Collier: Synopsis of a Memoir, Pt. 42 - Introduction to Hair Replacement

June 23, 2016

Our return to a downtown location gave everyone a feeling of being back in the groove. Our staff grew to maximum proportion --  approximately twelve hair professionals, also including manicures, electrolysis, massage and cosmetic dental consulting, whitening and cleaning. With the modeling school still located upstairs, our presence offered convenient access to our exclusive services. The size of the salon offered additional expansion, allowing us to include indoor tanning beds to further complete our spa like destination.

During the first year, Robert's area remained fairly private. There was some curiosity among the staff members, and occasionally they would interact with Robert. As  "Maestro" directing the interaction between the services, my presence was somewhat more involved with Robert's hair replacement business, allowing me direct access to many aspects of the hair replacement industry. As time passed I became more and more involved with Robert's business. Robert was a very accomplished hair replacement specialist; however, with all due respect, there were areas of negligence and irresponsible behavior that continued to interfere with his ability to stabilize his business. It became clear that his lack of discipline was a characteristic that was seemingly embedded in his methodology, causing a continuous flow of interference that began to dilute our business relationship. Outside of business Robert was a charismatic, interesting, and a quite thoughtful person, but it became obvious that we we're going to have to part ways.

As we began the discussion regarding a plan moving forward, Robert decided he would begin to seek other options. He found another location with a person he had a previous business association with,  and we amiably parted ways. Opening up more space, allowed us the ability to accommodate a person offering wardrobe, skin, and overall color analysis,  based on what seasonable category was appropriate for them, " fall, winter, spring, summer". By now I had been exposed to the hair replacement industry by association as an unintended consequence. Creating a private space for those clients that I had personally cultivated, with Robert's knowledge and approval, seemed a natural evolution into what would be my introduction to the world of cosmetic hair augmentation. I welcomed the opportunity to present this seriously underdeveloped service with complete attention to client comfort and dignity in a private environment. Opening all channels to include male and female pattern hair loss,  all forms of alopecia, medically induced hair loss, compulsive pulling disorders and transgender transitional hair loss support. As well as purely cosmetic applications for theatrical purposes, or just as a convenience.


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