William Collier: Synopsis of a Memoir - Deviation 2

May 05, 2016

Approximately twenty years ago I had my first transgender client. My lack of understanding of the transition process was clearly obvious. Upon meeting this person who was in the process of transitioning, I copped to my nearly complete lack of knowledge. My new client graciously offered to educate me, and gave me the opportunity to ask any questions I might have. This was a male to female transition. We discussed the difficulties associated with employment, and the fact that she had not officially come out at work. Deciding on clothing choices was somewhat confusing, however experiencing male pattern hair loss was a huge concern. My expertise with hair replacement options, offered in a private environment was an appealing factor influencing her decision to choose us to address her hair loss issues. After acquiring a level of comfort myself, encouraged by her gracious and thoughtful willingness to openly share this life altering process, I asked the question, "How can you give up the physical connection that distinguishes your maleness"? Her answer was "It's either that or suicide".  I was stunned ...up to that day I was not sure what could possibly motivate someone to take such an extreme measure. That moment changed my perspective completely. I felt honored to contribute to the success of her life as a woman. The conversation I had with her continues to serve me in my quest for information, that enhances the light on the path to personal dignity for everyone. My thanks to the transgender community for enriching the core of my collective knowledge, and giving me the honorable privilege of serving all aspects of the transitioning process.


William Collier

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