Judi's Trip to Florida & The American Hair Loss Council Symposium

June 05, 2017

After many years of attending the American Hair Loss Council  symposium's, the baton this Spring has been handed over to our Salon Manager & Hair Replacement Consultant Judi. Her first time as an attendee was awesome. Experiencing the comradery of hair replacement specialist from all over the United Sates and beyond, generously sharing information was amazing. Meeting the vendors and speaking face to face with people she has been talking with via email and telephone was a real pleasure. She brought back some great ideas, new products, and more great hair replacement options for our clients. She is now looking forward to attending the symposium next year in Nashville.

After the 3 days at the hotel in Orlando, she took a few deserved days to just chill at the beach, on the Atlantic. The first day was challenging as it poured down rain the entire day. The sun came out the next couple days and her expectation of warm weather was fulfilled...allowing her some wonderful rest and relaxation on the beach, walking in the warm ocean and watching the wildlife.

Prior to her leaving Seattle we re-designed a room just for consultations. This change has given Amanda, our colorist/hair designer a private room, and Judi a room dedicated to consultations exclusively.

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