“Is he in over his head?” - A personal opinion post by William Collier

March 31, 2017

In the interest of freedom of speech and with a great deal of concern for the risk involved in speaking out, given the current political climate, I am compelled to speak out! My tenure in the hair industry as a salon owner for nearly 50 years has allowed me the pleasure of serving my clients in a very rewarding and trust felt way. As a salon owner, I continue to participate from "behind the chair".

The experience of being active in the hair industry for nearly half a century comes with some statistics, which I will share in support of the point I intend to make. I have served roughly 85,000.00 clients, spending approximately one hour plus per client which translates into approximately 18 million "snips". (Each time the scissor opens and closes = one snip).There is a personal behavior from client to client that tends to repeat itself day after day, creating what might be regarded as "normal". Algorithmically, as patterns repeat themselves there will be exceptions; I am referencing an exceptional client profile intending to support my hypothesis. I have chosen a client who exemplifies leadership behavior that most contrasts the lack of leadership demonstrated by our current president. This client’s confidence is portrayed with humility, grace and genuine thoughtfulness for all involved…exemplifying a manner that encourages a cultural subscription to truth, integrity and inclusion. When you lead by example the constituents are at ease.

The above paragraph describes a client I have had the honored pleasure of serving for twenty plus years.

What comes out of Donald Trump’s mouth is toxic and alienating, l will leave that for linguistics experts. Hair says a lot about a person. Certain styles or lack of, are a statement which is interpreted at the pedestrian level one way and by professional hair designers a much different way. Simplicity, sophistication, classic, trendy, radical are words commonly used to describe hairstyles in general. POTUS is in a category that is so far outside the box it defies a title. The sheer amount of work required is an accurate testament to the complexity and futility attached to the task. The statement is dominated by confusion and contrivance. This translates to, egomania, extreme-narcissism and self-loathing. We can only hope he never must make an important decision while experiencing a strong wind. There could be some irony here? No matter where the wind is coming from.

This paragraph is dedicated to all my colleagues on both sides of the "proverbial isle". Keep your eye on his hair as he moves forward with more energy required to defend his world view. The amount of manipulation needed to maintain that " hair do" will begin to expose his frustration and incompetence. Watch as the hair begins to unravel around the edges as his dedication to its perfection slowly declines. He will not be able to maintain the charade and his hair will be one of the first visual signs of his collapse. He might really be "in over his head"!

William CollierOwner, William Collier DesignSeattle, WA

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