February 2015

I look for 2 things when I am looking for or buying a personal product 1. The seller’s passion and knowledge regarding the product 2. Over the moon customer service. I have a passion regarding hair loss. Not just my own but for all people for whatever reason. I recently moved to Seattle and needed to find someone with my same passion to help others and myself with the knowledge of all the latest information regarding hair loss and products. The moment I stepped into William Collier Design for a consultation and problems with a current hair topper I had I was greeted by two angels; Nancy and Judi. As I was talking to them I got the honor of meeting William Collier. I found the things I was looking for and I can’t ask for more passion for hair loss and over the moon customer service. I highly recommend William Collier Design!!!!

Cindy E.

January 18, 2015

Dear William & Judi,

I wanted to thank you for your kindness and compassion. Needless to say I was not looking forward to the wig buying/fitting process. I couldn’t have asked for better people to ease the pain and embarrassment and help restore my dignity!

There simply are not enough “thank you’s” to express my gratitude.


January 2015

My 15 year old daughter and I had gone to several wig shops and places for cancer patients but nothing she saw was exactly what she wanted. I told her she may need to get something that was the best of what she would settle for.
As the last place to go because I knew it was going to be more expensive than the other wig places, we went to WCD. She saw William who was very professional, kind, just a lovely person. Nancy also helped us throughout our entire process who was wonderful also.  When I saw the look of happiness on my daughters face as she had on the wig that she had wanted all along, I knew I couldn’t refuse her. William was the first person who really listened to her and knew exactly what look she wanted.  The wig was more than I wanted to spend but it was something that I knew would give her confidence to show her face when she lost all her hair. I felt it may help her to have one ray of happiness during her awful cancer treatment.

This is exactly what happened!

However the first wig we received ended up coming apart at some of the seams.  William gave her a more expensive, better quality wig and sent the first wig back to the manufacturer to get fixed.  My daughter was even more elated with this new wig. The hair was softer, it was longer, the blonde color was better, and the cap was a lace type which was better than the first wig. He never charged us for this upgraded 2nd wig.  So we essentially got 2 wigs for one.

They just have been so extremely kind and helpful to us throughout all our dealings with them.  We have recommended WCD to everyone in our situation without reserve.

M.R. - Irvine, CA

December 2014


After 20 years of bad hair days, I finally turned a corner when I found you. Your expertise, quality care and attention to details is exceptional. My poor self image has been replaced by a confident individual since wearing my topette. I have received such positive feedback from people who knew I was a client of yours. The best compliment I received though, was from a coworker who remarked how healthy my hair looked and wanted to know what salon products I had used. She was amazed when I told her it wasn’t my own hair. Another coworker who had been listening and only knew me for one week, said she thought that was my real hair all along and never would’ve guessed I was wearing a hairpiece. This showed me how natural this product looks. It’s lightweight and blends so perfectly with my own hair. I am having a delightful time styling it.

I can’t thank you enough for lifting up my spirits! I happily will refer others in my situation to you.

Warmest Wishes & Best Regards.


June 2014


What a pleasure it was to meet you yesterday! I deeply appreciate your kindness and sensitivity to my  concerns (which I left with you, as promised). Thank you for the beautiful haircut. If you ever decide to move north, I’ll be a dedicated client. By the way, I hope you found time for lunch.

Kindest regards,


I love love love my new hair. Everyone is in shock when I tell them… they say it looks SO natural. I cannot say thank you enough! Nancy for your good eye and William for your artistic talent in cutting & styling.

I am so lucky to have found you.


Dear William,

Thank you so much for your time and expertise for my new hair. I had the desire to put it safely away to look at but then realized I bought it to wear to work so I wore it last night, everyone loved it. I’m handing out your phone number to so many people, hope you don’t mind.

I’m very happy with my hair, I feel I have met true professionals and artists. I’m so grateful to you.

It was so very uplifting to meet you and to do business with you. I have only had my new hair for one day and already gotten so much satisfaction from it.

I will be calling for a follow-up appointment later.

Take care and thank you again.


This is a very special “thank you” to William and his staff for changing my daughter’s life. I would say to anyone out there that has any hesitation about William Collier’s hair system….run, don’t walk, as fast as you can to see him. It literally changed my daughter’s life. She was so concerned about her hair loss that she had begun to refuse social invitations. Now that she has her “new hair” she is a new person. All people ever ask her is “where did you get that cute hair cut”. She lives out of state so when she tells them in Seattle their reply is “oh, of course”.

From the minute you walk in the door they make you feel like an old friend. William and his staff are very professional, capable and you know that you are in good hands – and on top of all that – they are fun!

I urge you, don’t hesitate, go now!


I have trichotillomania and this is the first salon that I have gone to that is educated about my condition. Wendy and Rhonda were professional, respectful, courteous — I felt so comfortable “letting my hair down” in front of them. Wendy first really looked at my hair before my haircut and Rhonda informed me about the hair replacement options that are available to me from them without any pressure to purchase one right away. I would highly recommend William Collier Design for someone with trichotillomania – it is a first-class salon.


My new hair system from William Collier Design literally changed my life, and finally ended my constant search for a solution to my embarrassing hair loss. Not only does the hair system look and feel totally natural, it is comfortable and easy to maintain and style. My confidence and self-image have been restored, making an enormous difference in my overall happiness and well-being. Mr. Collier and his entire staff extend exceptional, personalized service in a professional and confidential environment. I highly recommend their services. It could change your life too!


Thank you so much. I will just relax now and enjoy my “new” look. If you wish, you may use my feedback at anytime to help others.

I forgot to mention that it was very helpful when you shared the album of b/4 & after pictures because I knew they were real clients with real problems, not just an advertisement. )

Before I sign off, I should also add there were 2 other significant things that assisted in the comfort level of my initial visit there. First of all, it was the manner in which you communicated over the phone when I called, inquiring. You worked me in on a short notice & were very reassuring when I touched on my desperate situation. You assured me over the phone you could help me. That was huge! When we arrived, I had no idea what or who to expect. The acknowledgment of our arrival put us at ease and then when I went to the back area and began to share my story and learn what options I had, I relaxed when you and William both listened intently and then empathetically responded to my dilemma. There was a point also that the word “integrity” came to my mind when I was sitting in the chair to get ready to try the hair piece on. At that point I really felt a strong sense that “these people are not going to just take my money, but they really are going to help me. (I believe partly this was due to William stating that if I wasn’t satisfied, he was not going to charge me.” ) That was huge on the scale of integrity!

From then on, the trust level was about a 10 and I was ready to be open minded and really believe there was a “fix” for the hair issues that have plagued me for years.

I am very sensitive to my surroundings and have this DNA factor that insists on evaluating every situation to determine my own personal comfort level. I was thankful that upon arrival I felt as much at ease as I did, considering my usual level of nervous reaction to something new. You guys were welcoming and hospitable from beginning to end. Thank you!


To the William Collier Design Team:

Because of you, I looked and felt like a million bucks on my wedding day!

Thanks so very much!

S. (Seattle Client)

A Life-Changing Experience

It’s important to a woman in our society to have great hair. It can be depressing if you have thinning or falling hair. Quality of life can be significantly reduced.

My hair is thin and started falling out. I tried everything including prescription treatments but nothing helped. I was depressed and avoided going out or being seen by people if I could.

I accepted that I would have to wear a wig. I was using good quality synthetic wigs and although it was an improvement, you could still tell it wasn’t real. The hair didn’t look natural, it didn’t move freely like real hair, and it was uncomfortable to wear in hot weather. I was still miserable.

It was recommended that I try the William Collier Design studio in Seattle. I made an appointment to go and see if they could help me. The studio is in a relatively quiet, leafy part of down-town Seattle. There is ample parking close by. The studio immediately makes you feel comfortable and at home: the decor is warm and inviting, and the atmosphere reflects the caring nature of the staff who are professional, attentive, thoughtful, sympathetic and above all, friendly. Everyone at William Collier Design made me feel welcomed and accepted.

The individual salons are private and you are not inconvenienced by anyone else receiving treatment while you are there. I had a fitting with two of the staff, one of whom was one of the partners. They patiently listened to my concerns and hopes and examined the pictures I brought of myself with my once thick hair. They understood what I wanted to achieve and went through a fitting of several styles and colors until I found one that as soon as I saw myself in the mirror, I fell in love with it. I bought the wig on the spot. The color wasn’t correct for me so they matched it to my own hair. I returned several days later for a cut-in. I was, and remain, overjoyed with the result.

I loved the wig so much that I bought another two copies. One of the wigs actually wasn’t the correct style (the factory sent the wrong one). William Collier Design accepted the mistake and rectified it immediately, replacing it with a better quality correct one, at no additional cost to me. The customer service is excellent.

I decided that having beautiful hair is something that I’m willing to work for. Yes, it is an investment. The hair is not cheap but as the old saying goes, you get what you pay for, and what you are paying for is not just a fashion wig or hair-piece, but is the highest quality replacement hair giving nothing less than an opportunity to be yourself again. When I have the wig on, it is so comfortable and blends so well that no-one can tell that it’s not my own. It feels and looks entirely natural. I can do anything with the hair I would do with my own. In fact, I recently put it to the test in an open-top sports car. The hair looked and moved (a lot!) like my own hair. There were no mishaps nor embarrassing moments. It was simply perfect! Friends who haven’t seen me for a while have remarked that my hair has really improved and looks fantastic. I have told a few of my closest friends the truth, and I thanked others for their compliments as I smile and play with my hair. No-one, except for your most intimate acquaintances needs to know, nor would they ever find out if you didn’t want them to.

Finding William Collier Design and Follea wigs has literally been life-changing. It has given me the confidence to be myself and to take joy in life and socializing once more. I am literally a new woman with my beautiful new hair. It is an understatement to say I am a satisfied customer. My love of life has been restored.

I would not hesitate to recommend William Collier Design to anyone considering quality hair replacement.

Rachel F

I just wanted to drop a line to say how much I enjoyed my visit to your office on Friday, May 14, 2010.  I appreciate all the consideration and information Judi provided for me about available wigs and helping me chose one which fits my personality and price range.  I also appreciated the attention and concern given to my own financial situation and for exploring creative methods of payment that fit my financial capabilities.

I also really enjoyed working with you.  I was so impressed by your knowledge and experience with styling wigs and her great ability to work with the needs or desires of your customer.  I am planning on making another appointment soon to get some additional work done on my wigs, some of which are in pretty bad shape.

Overall, I can honestly say that I don’t remember ever having a better experience with any private company than I had with yours on Friday.  Your service was very professional, considerate and caring and I look forward to seeing you all again soon.


Thank you for a wonderful hair experience!  It was very refreshing to finally go to a salon where I felt relaxed in all aspects – the education you have concerning TTM (Trich), the fact that I felt so comfortable “letting my hair down” in front of you.  What a totally positive place to go to.

Thank you!

C. Carpenter

Thanks for all your help and expertise!  I’m so excited about my hairpiece, and am so impressed by your salon!  I’ll be sure to recommend it to all my bariatric surgery friends online.


Thank you so much for your time and expertise for my new hair.  I had  the desire to put it safely away to look at but then realized I bought  it to wear to work so I wore it last night, everyone loved it.. I’m handing out your phone number to so many people, hope you don’t mind.

I’m very happy with my hair, I feel I have meet true professionals and artists. I’m so grateful to you.

It was so very uplifting to meet you both and to do business with you.  I have only had my new hair for one day and already gotten so much satisfaction from it.

I will be calling for a follow-up appointment later.  Take care and
thank you again.

R. S.

I just wanted to check in with you. I haven’t spoken to you in some time now. I want you to know how happy I am! My friends and clients  never stop telling me how fabulous I look. Wow what a difference in  how I feel and project to the world. My business has picked up and I was just elected to the city council. I feel so much more confident.

B. C.

I lived in Cedar Rapids, Iowa where I purchased two hair systems that were combination of glue & tape and I was never completely satisfied with my appearance.

I moved to Seattle in 2001 and began the interviewing process to find someone that could help me and to understand my concerns and the type of hair style I was trying to achieve.

I met with three hair designers in Seattle / Bellevue area.  I chose William Collier.  At the conclusion of the first appointment I knew that William is a true artist and has the keen ability to define and sculpture a hair design that truly fit me.  I have never been disappointed since.

William suggested I go from a glue system to strictly tape, I decided to give it a try. This type of system William explained is simple, easier for me to maintain & would extend the life of my hair systems. I am very happy with the results, the tape system and William’s design is perfect.  In 2004 I moved to Wichita, Kansas but continue to return to Seattle to William Collier for maintenance. I can’t imagine anyone that could even begin to touch William’s (artistic) designs. This man is a true artist.

Carl D.

I would like to let you know that the new system is really great. It’s really the best of what I had hoped for in the first two tries.  I also want to thank you for your really great support and ultra fine manner in handling the issues that came up. I am very grateful to finally be connected to a business that has the kind of integrity that you have created. Thank you! And, I want you to know that your way of handling my situation has made me your client for life. I’ll be buying your products for as long as you’re in business.


A Great Place is an Understatement!

Last May my 21 year old daughter was diagnosed with cancer and undergoing Chemo treatments. We visited several recommended resources for wigs, most having a very impersonal self-defeating outcome. We happened upon William Collier Design which turned out to be the most positive exhilarating experience! The compassion, understanding and attention to her needs, were unparalleled.

They were able to transform a very sensitive subject matter into an exciting prospect of having a new look that fit her personality and an ability to re-instill a sense of normality. The staff was amazing… the attention to detail unparalleled… the follow through even months later… the greatest. I highly recommend their service and hope those going through similar challenges find this invaluable resource!!! They are the BEST and we will be forever grateful for what they gave us at such a difficult time.

J Leahy

I Feel Like a New Woman!

I’ve had Alopecia Areata for almost 15 years, and it has been somewhat bearable. Since I had a baby a year ago, my hair is falling out like crazy (AA as well as Post Partum hair loss is no fun) and the patches are really visible on my head. I didn’t want to get a full wig just yet, as I still have about 60% of my hair, however I needed something to cover up the really visible patches on the top and the back of my head. I found William Collier’s place through Google. The reviews sounded really good, but I didn’t know if they were real reviews or not. I met with William for a free initial consultation and he recommended I get a top piece instead of a full wig. It was fun seeing the top piece on my head, as it was a lot longer than my own hair, however when I got home the reality of wearing a wig set in and i thought there must be something else i can do. I called them again and they suggested i go in and meet with their hair extensions specialist Echo. She is fabulous! She showed me how some clip in extensions could cover up my patches, and potentially get me over a period until a lot more of my hair falls out. So she checked the color of my hair so she could match the extensions.

A week later i had an appointment to get them put in and trimmed into my hair. She showed me how to clip them in and THEY LOOKED AMAZING! Seriously, I even got an extra inch of hair and my hair was so thick afterwards. Yes, they’re a pain to put in and take out, as well as wear during the day, but they cover my patches and i look like I’ve got a full head of hair and it makes me feel great. The color match is so good…even my husband commented on it and he hasn’t got a clue about hair.

I know I’ll have to go back to WCD for a wig in the next year or so, but i feel in really good hands while I’m there. The offices are lovely and inviting, and the staff are all really friendly…it has been a pleasure to deal with them.


Great Service and Product!

I searched all over the Seattle area for the best place to receive help for my thinning hair. This has been one of the best choices I have made for myself. The product is wonderful and have given me a new confidence.

Thank you to all the staff – you have been so supportive and kind!


I don’t know if you remember me but I purchased a wig from you in July of this year. I just wanted to tell you that things are going fine and that I have received so many complements on how good it looks. I do look different of course but people remark that it looks so nice. Thanks for your excellent work in making the color selection and the styling. I just thought I would let you know.

A. Blankers

When I first went to William Collier Design I was at the lowest point of my life. I was in desperate need of something, anything, to boost my spirits and help see me through such a difficult time. Well I found it the minute I walked through the doors of their wonderful salon. They are warm, compassionate and so professional. They very kindly guided me through, and helped diminish, a very painful time for me. I not only came away with a beautiful wig, I also found new hope and a hairdresser and salon that I will always trust. This experience helped change my life and I highly recommend William Collier Design for anybody’s salon needs. They are the best! Great Parking!! Very convenient.

MaryJoT, chemotherapy client

If you’re considering hair replacement, I highly recommend William Collier Design (WCD). You’re always treated with respect and dignity at WCD. I have been with WCD for over 5 years now and I am so happy I made the move from that large hair replacement company. The staff is professional and flexible with my personal situation. Also, if there’s ever a problem, they make it right as quickly as possible. I also love the salon feel at WCD. It’s truly night and day from those large hair replacement companies that are located in some office park.

Male Client

I have trichotillomania and made an appt with William Collier Design after finding them on the TLC website. They were extremely compassionate and discrete and made me feel completely comfortable. I went in for a consultation and walked out with the most beautiful wig you could ever imagine. When I left, I had to hug them. My hair is gorgeous and my life is completely changed.

Female Client

If a woman’s hair is her “crowning glory”, then I now feel like a princess! Thank you for the transformation. I’ve gone from limp and lifeless to full and vibrant. You truly are an artist! God Bless you!


I have had an absolutely wonderful experience at William Collier. From my first visit I felt so welcomed and accepted. I just had my cut in of my new hair and I am in Love. I have lived with insecurity around my thin hair for so long that I almost forget what it felt like to feel confident in the way that my hair felt and looked. I left the salon feeling absolutely beautiful… After receiving my new hair all I wanted to do was to jump up and hug William! It looks soooo natural that when I went to work everyone positively commented on my haircut! I am certain I was unrecognizable to some people whom have never seen me walk with confidence and a new spring in my step! Thank you so much to William and to Judy and Echo for such quality, professional care, excellent customer service and loads of knowledge. I most definitely would recommend William Collier Salon to anyone without any hesitation!

J. S.

It’s been nearly two months since the “cutting in” and I could not be happier with the results. From my initial phone conversation with Rhonda, until now as I enjoy the final results, every step of the process has exceeded my expectations. William Collier Design has treated me with dignity, warmth, and respect. The quality of my hair system is orders of magnitude better than what I previously was wearing. So much so, that sometimes I even think, “it looks too good!” Just kidding. I love it! I recently visited my 87 year-old Mom who has not seen me for quite a few months and she remarked upon how great I looked. She thought I’d gotten a fantastic hair transplant and wanted to know the surgeon’s name because her own hair is thinning. I just told her I got lucky and that at her age she probably shouldn’t do surgery. 🙂 So thanks again for everything. You guys are fabulous.


Thank you again for all your help & support –This experience has given me the privilege to meet such professional, compassionate people as yourselves—something that might not have otherwise occurred and for that I am grateful!


William Collier and his staff are awesome, awesome, awesome! I am a recent cancer patient, (well twice before I was 30) and have lost my hair a few times. Now it’s no big deal, but I wanted to make myself into a new person after this last bout with the big C, so I contacted W.C. Design. The staff was so helpful, friendly and kind. I just can’t say enough good things about these folks. They have literally transformed my life. I feel so good in my new wig. If you want to hit me up to see my new wig please PM me. I will let you run your fingers through it ( if they are clean of course). The wig is a great quality wig and will last a while if you take good care of them. Anyways, they rock, so if you have cancer or alopecia etc, etc give them a call. They will make you feel like a million bucks!

Chani B.

I cannot begin to express my appreciation to William Collier and his staff for the superb hair piece they designed for me. I am a male-to-female cross-dresser, (a.k.a. transvestite). I am also seeking to improve my look so that I can blend in with everyday society and not be “made”. Their hair piece is very subtle and stylish. Not only has it made my look more convincing but it has greater bolstered my confidence when I am out among the crowd. Thank you, thank you thank you!


I could not believe it when I found out that a dear friend of mine had a hair replacement piece. Every time I saw her she always had a new cut and awesome color. One day she told me because I was always complimenting on her hair and I wanted to go to her place. She took me one day with her to have her cut and I had to stop starring at people who came in. I just could not believe it. William Collier of William Collier Design is a Master when it comes to hair replacement. He has an eye for design. Their hair replacement pieces are top of the line and believe me you cant tell a difference. The service was excellent. You could tell everyone felt comfortable and at ease. The atmosphere is very relaxing and they are professionals when it comes to HAIR.

P.B., friend of client

Thank you so much for my fabulous hair
Your kindness & empathy is greatly appreciated!


I don’t think I can even thank you, William, enough for all you have done for me and for all your tremendous support over the past year and a half. You have been just wonderful.
When I left the salon on Friday afternoon I thought about your comment (when you saw my hair grown back out and styled and flat ironed!) about wishing that your hair, too, would grow back. I must tell you that when I first met you and I was so scared to lose my hair and to face cancer treatment, that your unbelievable positive energy, upbeat attitude, and just overall happiness in life were, and still are, totally inspirational to me. I thought at the time, “If Rhonda can do this and be so positive; I can deal with it too.” I am certain that everyone who faces chemotherapy and hair loss must feel the same way when they meet you. You are a total inspiration!! Thank you all, again, so much!


I really like my new hair cut and hair piece. I feel very “hip!” I immediately took to listening to Booker T and the MGs and wearing sunglasses after dark!  Maybe the CIA needs a new agent?

William was curious what my wife’s reaction was going to be. She said “I don’t feel 52 years old and I don’t want a husband who looks like HE is!” She loves it!  I did find it a bit unnerving for the first couple of hours when I caught her staring at me . . . “checking me out” more than usual. But I suppose that is the price of being young and hip! I’m pretty sure I will be able to deal with it.


In all honesty I wish I could help people who are in the same boat that I WAS in. The common person has no idea how idea how simple and easy a hair system is. They have not the foggiest idea how the whole matter works, therefore they find idea a bit foreboding. And all of one’s friends and co-workers say “Oh don’t do it . . . it will look bad and everyone will make fun of you.”  Well of course none of that is true (IF of course one goes to quality artists such as William and Wendy). But people are afraid . . . afraid it will be very difficult . . . or afraid they will look foolish. People ought to know “It is no big thing . . . and people will love the way you look, and not make fun of you.”


I wanted to thank you all for getting me the perfect system, I’m soooo happy with it! Thanks Again!


I just wanted to express my gratitude to you again for helping me change my life and finally feel “normal” and like a whole person. I am so happy with this hairpiece, and I get compliments. I feel like a normal person for the 1 st time in 28 years. I really can’t thank you enough.

Thank you for being there and doing what you do. I look forward to a continued relationship with you both!


I wanted you to know how much I appreciate the job you did. You guys managed to make the whole experience a positive one for me & I even had fun!


Thank you so much for helping me make this chemotherapy hair loss so much less stressful than it could have been. My wig looks great, & have fooled even people who know me!!


Thank you for all your time, support and patience. I hope one day I have your poise and perspective.


My self confidence has returned! I couldn’t stand the thought of wearing that nasty, itchy wig another day longer. It was a very attractive wig, and people at work were amazed to discover it had been a wig I was wearing, but it was so very uncomfortable. My new hairpiece however, is amazingly comfortable and feels very natural. The empathy you have when dealing with your clients is priceless!! I love the quality of the piece as well as the style. My husband can’t believe how natural it looks. For the first time in years I’m wearing a hat, not because I need to cover up my thinning hair, but to accessorize my new “lovely locks”.

Again, thank you for giving me my “self” back.

Sincerely ecstatic!!!!!!


Thanks so much for all you have done for us. We are eternally grateful .

L.B., mother of child client

I really appreciate your attention to detail and service! I must also add that the ‘super grip’ adhesive is an excellent product (easy to work with, flexible, non-irritating to skin, strong), need I say more.

Thanks Again.


Your professional, caring attitude is a winner with this customer.


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