Trichotillomania is the recurrent pulling out of one’s own hair resulting in noticeable hair loss. It was previously thought to be quite rare, however, studies have shown that over 1 percent of the population are experiencing some form of TTM. It is important to realize that you are not alone – most people with TTM think you would have to be crazy to pull out your own hair. They keep this information to themselves and often do not realize that there are many other people dealing with TTM.

Trichotillomania Learning Center, Inc. (TLC) is a national non-profit organization devoted to raising public awareness, developing a support network and resources, and raising funds to find a cure for Trichotillomania and related disorders such as skin picking and nail biting. TLC has been in existence since 1991 and has assisted over 50,000 individuals since its inception. For more information on TLC please visit

At William Collier Design we have many clients who are living with Trich.  We offer a safe, supportive environment and private rooms for our clients who come to us for their hair replacement needs.  If you want more information about how we can help, please contact us to schedule a complimentary consultation.

Woman with Trichotillomania
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