Seattle Wigs & Hair Replacement Services

Seattle Wigs & Hair Replacement Services

Hi Everyone,

It seems as though more and more salons in the Seattle area are offering Wig services to their clients.  One of the primary factors to consider when purchasing a wig or hair addition is whether or not the person you’re working with has experience in the industry – do they know how to properly fit you? Do they know how to cut a wig, the right way – the first time? Do they have experience repairing and servicing wigs and hairpieces? I believe that William Collier Design is the superlative choice for any Hair Replacement needs you may have, this belief is based on the following facts:

FACT #1) In the Seattle area, William Collier Design (WCD) is the only hair salon with over 30 years of dedicated expertise with EVERY aspect of hair replacement needs for any type of hair loss – from the Consultation to the finished product.

FACT #2) Only WCD has trained stylists/technicians with over 20 years of combined hair replacement technical skills, including – but not limited to; cutting, coloring & in-house repair skills.

FACT #3) Only WCD has the FULL-SERVICE capability to help with EVERY aspect of care for your wig or hair addition.

The truth is, this is what we do – we are passionately dedicated to creating the most natural, un-detectable wigs and hair-additions for our clients. Our knowledge in sizing, cutting, coloring and repairing wig’s and hairpieces is unmatched by any other provider in the area.

If you have hair-loss concerns, call the experts. Call us. We offer complimentary consultations to address any and all of your questions and concerns.

As always, we welcome your comments and feedback.

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