Alopecia – Our Clients Journey


We just had to share this blog, beautifully written by one of our new clients. Below is the post that she wrote about her experience with William Collier Design – the consultation, the purchase, and the cut & style of her new wig. We thank her for including us in her blog. ♥

We highly recommend that you go to her page and read through all of her posts. Anyone experiencing Alopecia, will find it helpful…just knowing that you are not alone; that others experience feelings of sadness & frustration with their hairloss too. Friends and family will find it helpful also in understanding what your loved one is going through.  Please share!

I Have Hair!


I went for a consultation at William Collier Design with Judi, and it was incredible!  I can’t recommend this place highly enough, they were caring, informative, and took their time to really get to know me and what I am looking for.

I took a friend with me and am so glad she was there!  Seeing myself with hair was a moment I hadn’t realized I wasn’t prepared for, it was pretty emotional!  I looked in the mirror and tears came to my eyes, I don’t know how to explain it really…  It was surreal, it was strange, it was foreign, it was overwhelming in ways I never anticipated.  I ended up finding a wig that I LOVE and I couldn’t be happier.  William had some unexpected extra time that afternoon so he was able to style it and add some layers and I wore it home!  I could not stop staring at myself in any reflective surface, I felt pretty!  I don’t feel ugly, sad, or anything negative about myself, day to day, but feeling that great about my reflection was something I hadn’t experienced in quite some time.

I can’t thank my family enough for this opportunity, they were beyond generous and purchased my first wig for me.  Thank you!!

Without further ado, here are just a few of the pictures from yesterday afternoon’s fun!









And, Finally my new hair!

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