Top of the Head Hair Addition – 20″ Long!!

Top of the Head Hair Addition – 20″ Long!!

20″ you ask!  Yes, and not only is it 20″ in length, it is stunningly, beautiful virgin, European hair!

Virgin, European Hair – Topette 20″ in Length

We have a fabulous vendor doing custom work for us providing hair up to 22″ in length. We can also get wigs with an overall length of 22″ as well, but they might be layered a bit.

Our client, shown in this blog is loving her new long hair! Up until we came across this new vendor we were limited to 14″ length hair, unless it was hair that was much more processed. This piece also has the favored scalp illusion. 

Check out these photos, then come in and see us for a complimentary consultation.




Our beautiful client loving her new 20″ long, European hair!

Too long even for a long-neck deluxe canvas wig head on a duluxe suction stand!

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