Thinning Hair & Topette’s

Thinning Hair & Topette’s

Thinning hair for women is a particularly upsetting condition. Every day we have women coming into our salon looking for a way to improve their hair style, and increase their confidence in the world. Over 28 million women experience hair loss, not including Alopecia Areata, or medically induced hair loss…so you are not alone.


Jon Renau – EasiPart

However, there is an easy solution…a top of the head hair addition or topette. When I show these options to women during a consultation appointment a smile immediately appears on their face.

“Wow! I have hair!” And, we have some great hair available these days. Most favored is European hair. In this category we have Virgin (nothing, I mean nothing has been done to this hair), slightly processed, and gently colored or lightened hair. This hair is super soft, fine and beautiful. Other hair types include East Indian and Chinese, which is not necessarily bad hair, but some of this hair can be highly processed so we have to be careful who we order it from. The topette is then ordered to match in length & color to your own hair (which can include lowlights or highlights). When it comes in, it is then cut to blend in with your hair — you won’t see where it begins or ends. It looks completely natural!

There is also different construction types; the materials used, and how the hair is tied in. By the way, all of our topette’s are all hand-tied. We have scalp illusions or French-parts available, which looks super natural and allows the hair to lie flatter to the head. We have monofillament tops which can allow for more heighth on top. These are all things we can show you and discuss when you come in for a consultation.

If you, or you know someone with thinning hair, particularly on the top of the head, give us a call. There really are some great options available that will immediately make you or them feel better.

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Supplemental Hair

Scalp Illusion or French-Part

Virgin, European Hair – Scalp Illusion

Short, long, straight, wavy or curly – we have it!

European Hair

These beautiful topette’s are waiting to be cut & styled.

Interior of a mono-top Jon Renau EasiPart

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