Follea Gripper Testimonial

Follea Gripper Testimonial

Below is a post from Follea’s website about their Gripper™ cap construction. As you know, from our website, we are a Certified Follea Atelier, and have been since 2008, when they really jumped into the market.

The letter below from B.J. Cobb is a testimonial for Follea and the Gripper™.  As a Follea Atelier, B.J. Cobb contacted us and purchased her two Grippers, that she refers to below, from William Collier Design. We work with people from all over…we have clients from all over Washington State, Oregon, California, Alaska, Utah, Maryland, Texas, and Tanzania. Yes, Tanzania!

The Amazing Gripper™
Introducing Follea Gripper™: secure, light, breathable, comfortable and natural, ALL without tape or glue!


Dear Follea,

I want to thank you for what you are doing changing lives one hairpiece at a time.

I’m sixty-one and have worn hairpieces for over fifty years. I spent the first twelve years mostly in the hospital and have had a total of twenty-five surgeries on my head. The surgeries left me with no hair and lots of scars and dents. I started wearing wigs at ten years old.

It was very difficult emotionally to wear wigs at such a young age, kids not understanding and trying to pull them off for fun. In addition the wigs back then were simply horrible. I have tried any and all wigs thru out the years. The first forty years I had a constant headache every day that I just learned to live with. Ten years ago I started wearing custom made, very expensive wigs but for once in my life the headaches went away. These custom wigs were beautiful but not without fault and I always looked around for something that might work better.

About a year and a half ago my main custom wig got a tear in the side of it. I had heard of the Vacuum wigs and decided to give them a try because I had seen some pictures on the Internet and they looked nice. I ordered one and waited about six months in anticipation of it arriving. When it arrived, I cried. The hair was so heavy and dense and very kinky, it was a mess. The base was double the thickness it should have been. Oh my goodness, it was so hot. After much discussion the factory said they would remake the unit. About seven months later it arrived. This time they made the base about an inch back from my hairline and it would simply fall off my head. The quality of the hair was not what I wanted. In desperation I went out and purchased a high quality synthetic wig and the headaches came roaring back. Life was not good.

Then a few months ago I heard about Follea and purchased two units. I am in love. I can say without a doubt the Follea Gripper Cool is the best hairpiece I have ever worn. That’s fifty years and counting!

The Gripper Cool fits my head great No headaches! The construction of the base keeps me cool and that is a blessing in this Texas summer heat. The hair is beautiful. I appreciate the fact that you make your units with the right amount of hair so they don’t look wiggy. I’m used to waiting 6-8 months to receive a custom piece and am delighted to get yours in such a short time frame. I know that maybe I shouldn’t but I take naps in mine and they still look just fine. I am amazed how the unit clings to my head and I don’t worry at all about it coming off. I have received so many complements since I started wearing the Gripper Cool.

Thank you Follea from the bottom of my heart, you have made my life so much better.

B.J. Cobb

Houston, Texas



gripper cool interior resized

Gripper Cool Interior with Hair










Follea Gripper Cool wig as sold by William Collier Design in Seattle WA

Follea Gripper Cool Interior

Gripper Sport before client has it cut and styled

Gripper Sport before client has it cut and styled



Follea Gripper Sport. Sold by William Collier Design in Seattle WA

Follea Gripper Sport

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